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January, 2006

January 26,  2006  Updated version of Medication Matters from Public Health Agency of Canada


December, 2005


December 29, 2005   2006 Prevention Calendar

December 20, 2005  Update on Diabetes


November, 2005


November 24, 2005 Partners Seeking Solutions with Seniors


June, 2005


June 14, 2005  Problem Gambling Links, Programs, Research and Resources

June 6, 2005   Working with Family


May, 2005


May 6, 2005 Niagara’s Medication Safety program (External site)

February, 2005


February 20, 2005  Providing Information on Alcohol and Medications, How We Can Begin To Help Seniors Better,  Presentation to Ontario Drug Awareness Partnership/ FOCUS  (PDF, 1MB)


January, 2005


January 25, 2005 "Gamble Scramble" a useful collection of gambling awareness games for older adults. (External site)

January 2, 2005  Prevention Calendar 2005


December, 2004


December 5, 2004   "Spin the bottle: What's behind the health claims of beer and wine?" CBC Marketplace. Video clip and article. (External site).


July, 2004


July 20, 2004   McMaster University Pain Symposium, including one day session on pain and older adults.

July 9, 2004   Anorexia: More common than you think in later life.  How alcohol affects appetite.


June, 2004


June 11, 2004 In the News: Mental health services for ethnic seniors, mood disorders and problem gambling, seniors and HIV, prevalence of abuse among older women and more.


May, 2004


May 11, 2004 Seniors Speak Out About... Loneliness pamphlet (PDF)

May 1 , 2004 Older people and alcohol - A summary and recommendations arising from research in Ayrshire & Arran, February 2004 (in PDF format). (external link)

May 1, 2004 Older People & Alcohol Misuse: Setting the Agenda. Report of a one-day conference organized by Age Concern UK (Wandsworth) in March 2002 (in PDF format). (external link)


April, 2004

April 30, 2004  La consommation de psychotropes: Portrait et tendances au Québec 2003 (pdf, 0.45 Mo)  (lien externale)


April 29, 2004 Alcohol and the Elderly. The Institute of Alcohol Studies, Spring 1999. Fact sheet. (external link)

"All people with hazardous or harmful alcohol consumption and members of their families have the right to accessible treatment and care".


April 24, 2004  Recently in the news (Global Aging, external site):


April 24, 2004 Use and Misuse of Alcohol among Older Women (NIAAA, external site)


20 avril, 2004  Les interactions d'alcool et de médicaments  (PDF)

20 avril, 2004 Fausses idées sur l'alcool (lien externale)

                      False ideas about alcohol  (External site, Alcoweb)

April 19, 2004 Alcohol and Mouth Cancer

April 16, 2004 Alcohol and Gout

April 16, 2004  Benzodiazepine Use among Seniors

April 8, 2004  Working with Family

April 1, 2004  Government looking to a lower fire risk cigarette External site.

April 1, 2004  Health Canada health advisory  warning:  the herbal comfrey may be toxic to liver (External site, December 12, 2003)


March, 2004


March 30, 2004  Drinking Among Older Chinese Canadians and Other Asian Ethno-Cultural Groups

March 29, 2004 Highlights from New Brunswick report on Seniors and Alcohol

March 15, 2004 New resources:


February, 2004

February 28, 2004

Best Practice Information Sheets: Information for service providers on helping older adults with substance use problems.

February 25, 2004  

Best Practice Information Sheets


February 19, 2004 Canadian Association on Gerontology annual meeting will be held in Victoria, B.C., October 21-23, 2004.

4 fevrier, 2004     Détresse cachée: les aînés violentés

February 4, 2004 National Advisory Council on Aging, Expressions, The Hidden Harm: Abuse of Seniors

February 1, 2004 Some Prevention Events for February


January, 2004


January 28, 2004 Smoking and alcohol

January 27, 2004  A message to family members & friends: how to help people with dementia

January 25, 2004  Lung cancer and drinking.

January 14, 2004 Death and Dying: Burial Resources

January 10 -12, 2004  Central and Atlantic Canada Colleges and University Gerontology Courses and Programs

3 janvier, 2004 Il n'y a pas de limite d'âge à la dépression (brochure, PDF)

3 janvier, 2004  L'hépatite C et l'alcool (lien externale)

3 janvier, 2004 Un dangereux silence sur une dépendance cachée (lien externale, Régie fédérale des alcools, Bern)

3 janvier, 2004 Un calendrier d’évènements de prévention et de sensibilisation pour l’année 2004

January 1, 2004 Some Prevention Events for January


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Seeking Solutions

Seeking Solutions is a national initiative funded under the National Population Health Fund and created to "develop mechanisms to increase the availability, access and dissemination of information and resources to seniors and people working with seniors on issues related to alcohol." 

Click here for information on Best Practices and effective Community Development strategies to prevent and address alcohol problems among seniors.


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OPAAL is a free email service for people who are interested in alcohol issues affecting seniors, focussing on the most current information available. OPAAL is particularly suitable for people working in the addictions, health, or aging fields.

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