picture of male senior Alcohol And Seniors


8 Good Reasons for Cutting Down

(Particularly if You are a Senior)


  1. Alcohol–related diseases reduce a person’s lifespan, on average, by 6 to 29 years. (1)

  2. Get hangovers?  You have a greater risk of dying of stroke or heart attack, if you have as few as one hangover a month.(2)

  3. Alcohol is second in importance only to smoking as a proven cause of cancer. (3)

  4. People who drink a lot (e.g. six beer) at one sitting face a much higher risk of hardening of the arteries.(4)

  5. Long term alcohol consumption above moderate levels significantly affects an older adult's ability to walk. It can lead to muscle disease and peripheral neuropathy.

  6. You memory becomes impaired the more you drink, both in the short term and long term.

  7. Drinking alcohol makes fat "burn off" more slowly. Regular alcohol consumption increases the likelihood of gaining weight.(5)

  8. Help maintain that manly virility: As you know, alcohol affects the liver. But did you know that the liver is responsible for the balance of testosterone/estrogen in the man’s body? Too much alcohol leads to impotence.(6)



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