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Moderation: Who’s Measuring?

….A cynic might suggest that "moderation" is one drink more than the person doing the defining has….


In Canada and the United States, moderation is usually considered one drink a day for women and two for men. For seniors, it’s less. Heart disease studies often identify the optimum amounts as less than six drinks a week (or less than one a day).(1)

Popular wine and beer magazines talk about "moderation". Many begin by describing "the Drink a Day with Meals" research. But by the end of the articles, several of the writers identify "healthy drinking" as 3-6 drinks a day! (2)

To the dismay of other European countries, England raised its definition of moderation in 1995 by 30-50% to 4 drinks a day for men; and 3 for women (3). 



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