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New in July

July 20, 2004   McMaster University  Pain Symposium, including one day on pain and older adults.

July 9, 2004   Anorexia: More common than you think in later life.  How alcohol affects appetite.


New  in June

June 11, 2004 In the News: Mental health services for ethnic seniors, mood disorders and problem gambling, seniors and HIV, prevalence of abuse among older women and more.


New in May

May 11, 2004 Seniors Speak Out About... Loneliness (PDF, 192 KB)

May 1, 2004 Older People & Alcohol Misuse: Setting the Agenda. Report of a one-day conference organized by Age Concern UK (Wandsworth) in March 2002 (in PDF format). (external link)

May 1, 2004 Older people and alcohol - A summary and recommendations arising from research in Ayrshire & Arran, February 2004 (in PDF format). (external link)



New in April

April 30, 2004  La consommation de psychotropes: Portrait et tendances au Québec 2003 (pdf, 0.45 Mo)  (lien externale)

April 29, 2004 Alcohol and the Elderly. The Institute of Alcohol Studies, Spring 1999. Fact sheet. (external link)

"All people with hazardous or harmful alcohol consumption and members of their families have the right to accessible treatment and care".


April 24, 2004  Recently in the news (Global Aging, external site):

April 24, 2004 Use and Misuse of Alcohol Among Older Women (NIAAA, 2003 external site)

20 avril, 2004 Fausses idées sur l'alcool (lien externale)

                     False ideas about alcohol  (External site, Alcoweb)

20 avril, 2004  Les interactions d'alcool et de médicaments

April 19, 2004 Alcohol and Mouth Cancer

April 16, 2004  Alcohol and Gout

April 16, 2004  Benzodiazepine Use among Seniors

April 8, 2004   Working with Family

April 1, 2004  Government looking to a lower fire risk cigarette  External site (No,  it's not  an April  Fool's joke)

April 1, 2004   Health Canada health advisory  warning : herbal comfrey may be toxic to liver  External site, December 12, 2003


New in March


March 30, 2004  Drinking Among Older Canadian-Asians and Other Eastern Ethnic Groups


March 29, 2004 Highlights from New Brunswick report on Seniors and Alcohol


March 15, 2004  New resources: 



February, 2004


February 28, 2004

Best Practice Information Sheets: Information for service providers on helping older adults with substance use problems.

February 25, 2004  

Best Practice Information Sheets

February 19, 2004 Canadian Association on Gerontology annual meeting will be held in Victoria, B.C., October 21-23, 2004. 

4 fevrier, 2004    Détresse cachée: les aînés violentés

February 4, 2004 National Advisory Council on Aging, Expressions, The Hidden Harm: Abuse of  Seniors

February 1, 2004 Some Prevention Events for February


January, 2004

January 12, 2004  Nova Scotia Colleges and University Teaching Gerontology or Addictions Courses and Programs

January 10, 2004 Ontario Colleges and University Gerontology Courses and Programs

3 janvier, 2004 Il n'y a pas de limite d'âge à la dépression

Une brochure témoin pour l'usage de la communauté. (pdf) Vous êtes invité à l'employer ou adapter pour votre communauté.

3 janvier, 2004 L'hépatite C et l'alcool (lien externale)

3 janvier, 2004 Un dangereux silence sur une dépendance cachée (lien externale, Régie fédérale des alcools, Bern)

3 janvier, 2004 Un calendrier d’évènements de prévention et de sensibilisation pour l’année 2004

January 1, 2004 Some Prevention Events for January


December, 2003


December 30, 2003 United States: National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Released  September, 2003

December 30, 2003 Les personnes âgées et la dépression: Une brochure témoin pour l'usage de la communauté. (pdf) Vous êtes invité à l'employer ou adapter pour votre communauté.

December 23, 3004  Seniors, alcohol, and sea cruises.

December 9, 2003 Is it a cold or the 'flu?

December 9, 2003 Traitement de la ménopause : le désarroi des femmes et des médecins (lien externale)

December 9, 2003  Aging and Pain Quiz: Test Yourself

December 9, 2003 Aging Well: Tidbits on "successful aging".

December 9, 2003 In the News: Launch of a $10 million Addiction Research Centre for British Columbia

December 6, 2003 Flu Prevention  

(Handout from National Institute on Allergy and Infesctious Diseases:  "It is a cold or the flu?", PDF External site)

December 2, 2003  Some December Prevention Events


November, 2003

November 27, 2003 Le filet invisible

Voici un manuscrit pour un jeu par radio. Il raconte l'histoire des adultes plus âgés qui ont des problèmes en leurs vies en raison de leur abus d'alcool et de médicament. Il a été écrit par un pharmacien retraité.

November 27, 2003 Older Learners (Tips for Workshops)

November 26, 2003

Suicide Prevention for Older People

Australian manual is designed to improve the awareness of suicidal behaviour in older people.  Information about early intervention and assessment strategies, and how to refer older people to appropriate services. To download this PDF go to:


October, 2003

October 26, 2003

For older adults who are smokers and drinkers. (PDF, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, 144 KB)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 22, 2003 Men's Health Peer Education (External site) Promoting healthy lifestyles for veterans.

October 22, 2003 October is Fire Prevention Month

October 21, 2003 Statistics on Gambling in Canada

October 19-25, 2003 is National Pharmacy Week, and October is "Talk About Prescriptions" Month.

October is also

October 8, 2003  A simple Older Adults and Depression brochure for Depression Screening Day  and other Public Education Events (mentions alcohol and depression). Feel free to print it and fill in your local resource. (Requires Adobe  Acrobat Reader, 244 KB) 

October 7, 2003 A Calendar of Prevention  and Education Activities

October 5, 2003 Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults (American Psychological Association, external site)

October 5, 2003  Alcohol and Depression (pdf) (784KB) Requires Acrobat Reader

Alcohol and Depression in Older Adults (HTML)

October 4, 2003 Are Older Adults Often Getting the Wrong Drugs?




September, 2003

September 18, 2003 Seeking Solutions presentation (Overview of progress made to date in Seeking Solutions. PDF version of PowerPoint presentation, 718 KB)

September 17, 2003  A Cross Country Look at Helping Older  Adults with Alcohol Problems

[Getting a bit long in the tooth (programs change), but this was a presentation made early in the Seeking Solutions project looking at the way seniors and alcohol issues have been treated across Canada]. PDF version of PowerPoint presentation, (552 KB)

September 17, 2003  Respecting Residents Rights

A guide to the rights of residents in long term care facilities in British Columbia. (PDF version, requires Acrobat Reader)

September 10, 2003 Addictions and the Older Person

A PowerPoint presentation by Eileen McKee-Kristof, formerly of COPA in Toronto at the 2001 World Congress on Gerontology in Vancouver, BC.  (PDF version)

Provides a profile of older people with substance abuse problems,  behavioural indicators,  common themes of treatment, effective strategies, current gaps.

September 9, 2003 Help with Alcohol Withdrawal: Home Detoxification and Withdrawal Management (2001 IAG PowerPoint presentation)  (PDF)

September 8, 2003 “Drugs in the News: How well do Canadian newspapers report the good, the bad and the ugly of new prescription drugs?"  (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April, 2003)

September 4, 2003  Worth the effort at any age
(PowerPoint presentation on Older Women and Alcohol) (pdf)

September 4, 2003 In the News

September 1, 2003 Is there a rule for replacing alcohol in recipes?


August, 2003

August 22, 2203 In the News

August 21, 2003 Caregiver Burden and Alcohol

August 12, 2003 Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol

August 8, 2003  Tips of Trade series (information on aging issues for building managers with older tenants)

August 8, 2003  Best Practices for Addressing Older Adults and Alcohol Issues. Backgrounder from a National Meeting  (304 KB)  HTML version; PDF version (287 KB)  requires Acrobat Reader 


July, 2003

July 31, 2003    Sevrage du patient alcoolodépendant (1999, France, lien externe)

July 30, 2003    In the News

July 27, 2003   Alcohol and the summer heat

July 27, 2003   Medications and the summer heat

July 26, 2003    Use of prescription medications among older adults in New Brunswick

July 26, 2003    Mental health of older adults in New Brunswick

July 26, 2003    Social isolation of older men in Manitoba

July 22, 2003    Alcohol sales in Canada

July 20, 2003    New Brunswick seniors and alcohol

July   4, 2003     High Blood Pressure


June, 2003

June 29, 2002    Alcohol and Breast Cancer

June 28, 2002    Dangers of Using Acetaminophen and Drinking

June 24, 2003    Understanding Health and Drinking: The Case of France

June 1, 2003      What were they thinking?


May, 2003

May 27, 2003      Alcohol and Depression (pdf) (784KB) Requires Acrobat Reader

May 17, 2003      American Statistics on Older Adults and Drinking

May 13, 2003      Blood Tests  for Alcohol Problems

May 12, 2003      Best Practices for Addressing Older Adults and Alcohol Issues (Backgrounder on Canadian Seniors and Alcohol from a National Meeting, Ottawa, 2001)  (pdf) (284 KB)  Requires Acrobat Reader 



April, 2003

April 22, 2003       Making Sense of Research (Cochrane Consumers, external site)

April 5, 2003          Info sheet on Older Woman and Alcohol from Women's Addiction Foundation (pdf)  (external site)


March, 2003

March 7, 2003        Alcohol and Depression in Older Adults

March 6, 2003        Power of Attorney and forced treatment 

March 4, 2003        Pharmacy Awareness Week 

                              ("Spring cleaning time for your medicine cabinet")

February, 2003

February 28,2003   Quality of the Internet Alcohol Information Being Provided to Seniors

February 28, 2003  National Statistics (How many seniors are there in Canada?)

February 26, 2003  A Pocket Guide to Programs and Services for Ontario Seniors (2003 version)

February  25, 2003 Alberta seniors and the law project

February  20, 2003 Alcohol and Medication Interactions handout (pdf)

February  13, 2003 Health Canada acetaminophen warning

February 13, 2003  An introduction to dual diagnosis (concurrent disorders)

February 13, 2003  Aging courses in Nova Scotia listed

February 6, 2003   Alcohol and elder abuse (page is back)

February 4, 2003   More gerontology and aging courses in British Columbia listed

February 3,  2003  Cours de gérontologie

February 3, 2003   Manitoba courses listed.


January, 2003

January  29, 2003 The Invisible Web (play for seniors on alcohol and medication misuse)

January 28, 2003  British Columbia courses listed.

January 26, 2003  Abus Envers les Aînés

Développement d'un réseau Québécois de prévention de l'abus envers les aînés.

                             Réseau Internet Francophone Vieillir en Liberté (RIFVEL)

                             Test pour évaluer le niveau de danger d'une personne âgée exposée à des risques d'abus et de négligence

January 26, 2003  Gerontology, Aging, and Counselling Courses offered in Canada for People Working with Older Adults

January 24, 2003  Antabuse & Naltrexone  Are these drugs appropriate for older adults?

January 16, 2003  April training session in Winnipeg

January 15, 2003  Quebec Conference on Elder Abuse: A Collective Response

January 11, 2003. Code médicament. (Drug caution code for other the counter drugs, Quebec)

January 9, 2003.  Psychotropic Drug Use in Skilled Nursing Facilities

January 9, 2003. National project on Psychosocial (non-biomedical) approaches to helping seniors maintain good mental health.

January 9, 2003.  A variety of mental health resources.

January 8, 2003.  Upcoming Events  Find out what's happening.

January 4, 2003.  A Standard Drink and Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

January 4, 2003.  SWAP Players  An amateur group of seniors who have  experienced  alcohol problems give plays about the issue.

January 4, 2003  Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender People Alcohol affects their lives in many ways.

January 4, 2003. HIV & AIDS  It is more common than you may think among middle aged and older adults, and becoming more prevalent.

January 3, 2003. Alcohol and Cooking  Cooking show messages. Does the alcohol used in cooking  "just boil away"?

January 3, 2003. Alcohol and Congestive Heart Failure. Information about what we are learning the health risks of alcohol.

January 3, 2003. Employment Issues The connection between alcohol problems and job loss. It isn't all one direction.

January 3, 2003. Alcohol and Dental Problems. Heavy consumption can be hard on older adults' teeth.

January 3, 2003. Discrimination People who have alcohol problems should not be discriminated against in receiving help for their alcohol disorder, when receiving health care, or in  their day to day living; alcohol problems as a disability.


December, 2002

December, 2002     Book review.

December 7, 2002  Seasonal and Year Round Tips for older adults who are cutting down or stopping drinking, and for their hosts and  other guests.

December 2,2002.  Highlights from CAMH's Addiction & Mental Health Indicators Among Ontario Adults. This page separates out the information for older adults, and points out some trends to be aware of.

November, 2002

November 22, 2002, Responsible Gambling Council (Ontario):  Describes what is meant by "problem gambling", and identifies Ontario services providing problem gambling services. See:

November 22, 2002, HATS  (Health Action Theatre by Seniors) is a theatre group of seniors who offer interactive plays in mime so that these can be presented to people of any language and culture.

"HATS uses a form of educational theatre to raise awareness about difficult issues facing seniors. ...[It] also promotes a positive problem-solving forum for both audience and participants."  (quote  from the HATS site)

HATS' website ( contains information about the approach, a manual for others to try the approach AND a script.

There is an interactive presentation on the site as well, portraying the life of an older immigrant woman who comes to Canada, and feels very much alone. Her children appear to see her only as a babysitter and as an income source when she finally receives her old age pension cheque. She is forced to turn the cheques over to them. She tries to deal with her loneliness and sadness with an increasing use of medications.

November 15, 2002. Best clinical practices in mental health for older adults. From BC Ministry of Health and BC Psychogeriatric Association. (Large file, 1157 KB)

November, 13, 2002.COPA's website has a clinical readings section.

November 12, 2002. Just How Caring Are We? Addressing the Stigma of Addictions in Older Adults.  Presentation by Jennifer Barr, CAMH, at the Canadian Association on Gerontology conference in Montreal.

November 12, 2002. Online speech on ethics and avoiding covert coercion of clients, by Barbara Everett, CEO of Canadian Mental Health Foundation.

November 12, 2002. Online issue by the Journal of Addictions and Mental Health. Special article on addictions, older adults and ethics. Talks about resource allocation, discrimination, and utilitarian ethics.

November 5, 2002. Developing Prevention Materials for Your Community (Brochure Tips)

November 1, 2002. Housing Issues. Why some older renters get evicted, and resources to help.

October, 2002

October 20, 2002. New counselling resources on problem gambling.

October 9, 2002. COPA, Community Outreach Programs in Addictions has a new website.

October 8, 2002. Safe Haven.  A safe, non-judgmental long term care environment in Edmonton, Alberta for residents with a history of chronic alcohol use.

October 5, 2002. Older adults and suicide.

 October 1, 2002. A Role for Everyone

September, 2002

September 22, 2002. Some policy issues to think about that relate to seniors and alcohol.

September 22, 2002. Share your ideas.  Let us know what you would like to see on the website.

September 22, 2002. Critical Research, and Good Research is Critical. It is very important that we have a sound understanding of the extent of alcohol problems among seniors. Often that is not the case, because national, regional and local surveys do not ask questions relevant to the lives of seniors.  A case in point is the National Population Health Survey.

August, 2002

August 30, 2002. Policy Issues.   An introduction to seniors as a health care and addiction services priority, the issue of discrimination.  The need for moderate drinking guidelines specific to older adults.

August 22, 2002. In September, 2002  a national meeting will be held in Vancouver, B.C. on community development issues related  to seniors and alcohol. To receive a report of the meeting, or to learn more on the issues from our background documents,  click here.

August 17, 2002 Abuse of Older Adult:  Projects and Committees in the Province of Ontario.  Description: Identifies community work being done in 26 Ontario communities, with contact information.  See:

August 13, 2002. Gambling

July, 2002

July 20, 2002. Tips for When You Have Older Clients…. Who Have Difficulty Seeing

July 12, 2002  National Advisory Council on Aging's July newsletter is called "Stop the Pain". Available on the Internet or you can order hard copy from them. Very readable.

July 11, 2002 Brochure information for seniors from Health Canada on


July 9, 2002   À toi de juger: Qu'est- ce qu'une boisson alcoolisée?   Site from France which shows how different types of drink are equivalent in their alcohol content. (metric)

July 8, 2002  Medication Information Lines

June, 2002

June 23, 2002. Social isolation and visiting programs.

June 16, 2002. Vitamins as a way of reducing alcohol and depression related harms.

June 14, 2002.  More Quebec addiction programs for seniors listed in the Canadian Programs section.

June 7, 2002  New facts and figures on alcohol problems in Ireland, and the special situation of older adults in the country.

June 5, 2002, "Geriatric Jeopardy"

This is a PowerPoint presentation prepared as a TV like game, where people test their knowledge on various aspects of aging. The presentation was created at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics.

May, 2002

May 28, 2002.  Additional figures on long term alcohol related health problems in France.

May 20, 2002. French Language resources,  "Les  Médicaments et les Aînés". "UNE PILULE, DOCTEUR !"

May 10, 2002. An Introduction to Support Groups

May 2, 2002. Older Adults and Drinking. Basic statistics, useful for presentations.  

April, 2002

April 14, 4002. Alcohol Withdrawal  (PowerPoint presentation)

Alcohol Withdrawal (text version)


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