Alcohol And Seniors

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Types of Help Available

A senior who is experiencing an alcohol problem can benefit from many different types of help including information and education, outreach and outpatient counselling, detoxification, support groups,  and longer term services. The specific types will depend on how long the problem has existed and other factors in the person's life.


Coming Soon! Information on outreach and outpatient counselling, support groups, and longer term services.


Index to Alcohol Treatment Issues

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Guiding Principles For Service Providers Helping Seniors  Who Have Alcohol Problems

An Introduction to Harm Reduction



Barriers to Receiving Help

Professional  Attitudes

Mobility and Transportation Barriers

Seniors Speak Out ... About Stigma

10 Ways to Fight the Stigma of Alcohol Problems

Seniors Speak Out... About Loneliness

Barriers for Older Women



Assessment Tools


Types of Treatment

What Seems to Work Best


Support Groups


Home Detoxification

What Treatment Works for Early Onset Drinkers?

Residential Treatment

After Care


A Community Approach

Community Supports



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