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(Older Persons and Alcohol List)


OPAAL is a free email service for people who provide services of any kind to older people experiencing problems with alcohol.  It was created to facilitate discussion and communication across Canada about alcohol issues affecting older adult.


OPAAL was set up by Professor Bill McKim at Memorial University in St. Johnís Newfoundland.


OPAAL members receive information by email on




Itís a good resource of free information, plus gives people the opportunity to share knowledge and consider different perspectives.


In addition to receiving up to date information on reaching and assisting seniors, people have opportunities to share community success stories as well as identify some of the pressing problems that they are experiencing in their communities in aiding older adults who have alcohol problems. You can learn about the approaches they are taking to reach older adults and share your experiences.  People currently receive about one or two messages weekly, depending on the topic.



1) To join OPAAL, simply send a subscribe message by email to:



Put a simple one line email message in the body of your email that says:

                        subscribe opaal My Name

obviously, using your name. Please use your name rather than your e-mail address (e.g.  you would say "SUBSCRIBE OPAAL Josephine H. Smith"). Don't put in the quotation marks, though.


OR, if you want to subscribe anonymously, you can send the command: "SUBSCRIBE OPAAL Anonymous". Your subscription will then be hidden automatically.

2) The listserve manager
(computer) system will automatically send you back a reply, asking you to confirm joining. It gives instructions on how to do that.

Posting a message to the mailing list is easy too. Just send your email to:

Any messages that you post will go to all the subscribers on the list, and a copy to yourself.




Please feel free to check out the searchable archives at:




We look forward to hearing from you.


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