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By Charmaine Spencer
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About this Site


This website is dedicated to alcohol issues that affect seniors. It has been developed by Charmaine Spencer, Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. The information in the site reflects gerontological and addiction research projects and endeavours from across Canada and internationally.

It is a personal website, by which I mean, that I am the one one who pays the costs of developing and putting up the information on it. 

The information provided here is copyright protected. However, you have permission to use the information as long as you identify the source. In other words, don't pretend it's your own work.

The site is being developed in stages, so please come back often to find new information and resources. 


Disclaimer:  Because alcohol problems affect different people in different ways, no one strategy will meet every senior's need. The information  is based on  research and people's experiences. It may or may not be suited to a particular individual's needs.

Any health, medical or other information provided on this site is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is provided with the understanding that the author is not engaged in offering medical service or advice.



About the Author

Charmaine Spencer  (Email: ), LL.M., Adjunct Professor & Research Associate in Vulnerable Populations, works at the Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

She is a researcher whose work focuses on a range of "risk" and elder abuse issues in community and institutional settings. She is the Project Coordinator for Seeking Solutions, a national initiative around seniors and alcohol issues.

Other of her works include an investigation of the social and economic costs of abuse in later life and abuse in potential "high risk" groups (seniors with cognitive impairments or strokes). 

Previously, her research has focused on the link between elder abuse and alcohol, elder abuse and health, and obstacles to treatment faced by seniors with alcohol problems. Her research interests include elder abuse, legal issues affecting seniors, seniors and alcohol/medication abuse (including 7 studies in 1995-98), and ethics and aging. 

Her work is geared to assisting seniors groups, communities and government in the development of strategies to overcome existing barriers and information gaps. Her recent publications include:

Bradshaw, D. & Spencer, C. (1999). The role of alcohol in elder abuse cases. In J. Pritchard (ed.), Elder abuse work: Best practice in England and Canada (pp. 332-353). London, Eng.: Jessica Kingsley.

Spencer, C. (1997, Winter). Ethical dilemmas in dealing with abuse and neglect. Ethica.

Zimmerman, L. & Spencer, C. (1999). Facing widowhood: a practical guide. Vancouver: Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University. [With a grant received from the Canadian Legion, Pacific Command.]

Zimmerman, L. & Spencer, C. (2000). You do have choices: A practical guide for financial decisions for women of all ages. Vancouver: Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University.


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