Seeking Solutions


How do you prevent seniors from developing alcohol problems? How do you best help if there already is a problem?



Seeking Solutions is a cross-Canada initiative involving seniors’ groups, addiction services, health and community agencies across Canada to answer those two key questions. Our goal is to raise knowledge levels, improve skills bases, foster positive attitudes and enhance resource/networking capacities of people who are in contact with seniors within their local communities so that they have a better understanding of alcohol related matters affecting seniors. Funding for this three year initiative has been provided by the National Population Health fund.



The Goal


The overall goal of the project is to help seniors receive well-informed services from community service providers, health care professionals, senior volunteers and others. 


With this project, we are bringing together the knowledge and insights of seniors, health care and other service providers, specialists in aging and addictions from across Canada to share strategies and best practices on how to reach seniors and address this health problem effectively from a community development perspective.


The project involves ongoing sharing of information. We are doing this through focus groups, “joint action meetings”, network development, and email-Internet discussions.


We have  been developing Best Practices information sheets as well as other important written resources that will give people practical ideas, high quality information, and a better understanding of the issues affecting seniors. This will help people to effectively reach and assist seniors when alcohol has become or is becoming a problem in their lives.


The project has established a listserve called OPAAL (“Older People and Alcohol List) as one way for people to share information about programs across Canada. This website on seniors and alcohol issues is another way we are sharing information.




Look here for information on Best Practices and effective Community Development  strategies to prevent and address alcohol problems among seniors. Available in English in French.

  1. A Cross Canada Look at Helping Seniors With Alcohol Problems.

  2. Agencies and Groups Providing Services to Older Adults Experiencing Alcohol Problems.


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