St. Joseph's Care Group- Addiction Services, Sister Margaret Smith Center ( offers programming to meet the needs of the older adult and to address the financial, leisure, family, social, mental health and legal issues that have occurred as a result of gambling.   It has a range of gambling programs including educational sessions, assessment, individual counselling and group treatment is provided. These sessions provide encouragement and support to assist the older person (55+) having concerns or problems with gambling, to work towards negotiated goals.

Topics covered in individual, group and couple treatment include:

Consultation and educational presentations and workshops are available for professionals working with older adults. Topics include: identifying warning signs of problem gambling,understanding gambling issues, early intervention strategies and how to make a referral. Presentations are designed based on the needs and requirements of the group. We feature specialized topics on the impact on youth, adults, older adults and families.


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Last Updated: Tuesday January 25, 2005

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