Alcohol And Seniors


Who's Teaching Gerontology and Courses in Aging.

Here is an introduction to what is being offered in Canada in gerontology and aging programs, alphabetically by province. The following list is not comprehensive, and course availability always varies from term to term. In addition to gerontological programs, aging courses may be offered in psychology, social work and nursing, as well as in medicine and psychiatry. In some cases, a person must be enrolled in a program at that college or university in order to take these specific courses.


The Canadian Gerontological Nurses Association ( ) offers a list universities and colleges that have gerontological education courses for nurses. It is starting to be a bit out of date (prepared June, 2000) and some of the links are no longer active, but it is still a useful resource to help people know where they might start to look.


The focus in the following list is largely on those courses that relate most directly to a) aging or  b)  helping people experiencing substance use problems in later life. Some generic addiction courses are also listed.


As you can see, the list is being developed in stages. If you know of other courses that should be added to it, please email the webmaster:



Athabasca University

Athabasca University does not offer full programs in gerontology – but offers two introductory courses in aging in the Sociology program.

Also, Bachelor of Nursing Degree Program offers NURS 442 Introduction to Nursing Care of Older Adults (,


Calgary, AB

Mount Royal College

Gerontology: Studies in Aging

Program Description: Courses in the interdisciplinary certificate program are offered through distance delivery in the Fall and Winter Semesters.

Gerontology 4405: Aging and Mental Health

Gerontology 4409: Nursing Practice with Older Adults

Gerontology 4481: Clinical Practice

Gerontology 4413: Aging Families

Mount Royal also offers a distance based Gerontology Business and Entrepreneurship certificate.

Calgary, AB

University of Calgary

Some aging courses are offered in Psychology.

The Faculty of Social Work has a Gerontological track:,  and the faculty is now offering a graduate concentration in Gerontology in the MSW program.


Some Pertinent Courses:


Social Work 531 H (3S-0) Social Gerontology

Description: Intervention and case management for social work and the aged.

Social Work 537 H (3S-0)  Social Work and Mental Health Systems

Description: Etiology of mental illness, DSM-IV, interventions, social work in multidisciplinary teams. Offered in Edmonton in 2004.

Social Work 527 H (3S-0)  Social Work and Substance Abuse

Description: Service delivery models, legislation and policy formation, implications of abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Social Work 319. Death and Dying.

Description: Bio-psycho-social and spiritual factors involved in death and dying.



Psychology 353 - Winter 2002  Psychology of Aging I

Psychology 455 (L01) - Winter 2002 Adult Development and Aging II

Psychology 457 (L01) - Winter 2002 Psychology of Aging: Social & Clinical Aspects

Psychology 750 (01) – Fall 2002 Advanced Seminar in Clinical Psychology


University of Calgary also has a Perceptual and Cognitive Aging Lab.


Educational Psychology 657. Human Development: From Retirement to Late Life

Educational Psychology 669. Human Development: Adolescence to Retirement.

Medical Science 645.08. Health Services for the Elderly.



Sociology 373   H(3-0)  Sociology of Aging

Social and institutional factors associated with aging in modern society.


Edmonton, AB

Grant McEwan Community College (

Gerontological Nursing (

This certificate program is offered through distance education on a home-study basis. Courses include, for example GERO 301  Mental Health Concepts in Gerontology and GERO 305, Counselling Skills for "Gerontic Nurses."

 In 2006, the program will combine the Gerontological Nursing and Palliative Care programs into a new Post Graduate Nursing Practice program.


Edmonton, AB

Concordia University College of Alberta ( offers courses in aging in Psychology & Sociology. However Psychology 224 (Aging and Adult Development) does not seem to have been offered in the past few years. See:

Psychology 459: Human Aging: Cognitive Processes

Sociology 375: Sociology of Aging

Other relevant courses include:

Psychology 332 Communication and Counselling Skills

Psychology 333: Introduction to Group Counselling

Psychology 435: Clinical Psychology

Psychology 339: Abnormal Psychology (Major disorders covered by the DSM-IV)


Edmonton, AB

University of Alberta

The University offers courses with a focus on aging in various departments. The University has a Division of Geriatric Medicine (

The Psychology Department has offered : PSYCO 459- Human Aging: Cognitive Processes in the past (1999). Sociology currently offers: SOC 375 Sociology of Aging.

Several of the faculty in Nursing have a strong interest in Gerontology. One of the areas of Excellence in Research for the Faculty of Nursing is Healthy Human Development.

See also: Health Sciences Media Services and Development (This service unit helps instructors and presenters use effective teaching techniques and technologies to guide students in educational experiences).

General Gerontology "Grey Matters" was offered in 2001. (

The Department of Human Ecology and the University of Alberta is home to the Research on Aging, Policies and Practice group ( with a strong emphasis on Eldercare issues.



Lethbridge, AB

University of Lethbridge

Health Sciences HLSC 4802 Gerontology (

Health Sciences 3570/Pychology 3570 Contemporary Issues in Mental Health


Health Sciences 3125  Pain Management


There is also an Addiction Counselling Program where students take courses at Medicine Hat College and University of Lethbridge. See: &

"The program is designed to prepare graduates who will be skilled in counselling persons suffering from any of a number of addictive disorders." In addition there are special courses.

Health Sciences 3739 - Studies in Particular Populations (Series) - The Elderly: Addiction and Dependency (last offered Spring 1999).

Health Sciences 3729 - Studies in Specific Addictive Disorders (Series) - Gambling as an Addictive Disorder (last offered Spring 2000)


British Columbia

Courtenay, BC

North Island College offers courses related to gerontology, such as Home Support and Resident Care Attendant ( See:

"North Island College’s Continuing Care Program offers a combined Home Support/Resident Care Attendant Program."

There are several campuses to the college (Port Alberni, Comox Valley, Campbell River), some of which offer addiction courses from time to time in Human Service Worker field, including

  • HSW 180 Individual Counselling Skills for Addictions
    HSW 184 The Nature of Substance Abuse
  • HSW 209 Contemporary Issues in Substance Abuse: An Overview

Cranbrook, BC

College of the Rockies ( offers courses related to gerontology for Resident Care / Home Support (see: and Practical Nursing (see:


Langley, BC

Trinity Western University

This is Canada's largest Christian liberal arts university. It offers one course related to aging in the psychology department.

Also has a Masters of Arts Counselling Program.


Kelowna, BC

Okanagan University College   In the spring of 2004, the Aging Specialization was introduced to prepare students for the growing field of gerontological social work. The Aging Specialization requires completion of the required courses for the BSW degree, including a fourth year practicum in aging as approved by the School of Social Work as well as the following courses:


SW 465 (Direct Practice with Older Persons)

SW 466 (Indirect Practice with Older Persons)


2 of the Following

SW 357 (Disabilities)

SW 362 (Mental Health)

SW 468 (Substance Misuse)

SW 469 (Family Violence)

OUC has offered courses in gerontology in several programs through its different campuses. For example,

- Psychology 324, Adult Development and Aging, offered in Winter semester at North Kelowna College:  (Winter 2002)

-  Psychogeriatric Issues in Aging offered through Continuing Education (see:

Also, OUC has a Gerontology Certificate Program through Continuing Education. (See:


Nanaimo, BC

Malaspina College — offers courses related to aging in various departments.

Home Support/Resident Care Attendant

Couns 100G Interpersonal Communications (for working as a peer supporter).

Practical Nursing

Psyc 345A Drugs and Behaviour-Basic Principles

Psyc 432 Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology


Has a Gerontology course in their 2-Year Distance Education Diploma Program


PSYC 339  Adult Development and Aging

PSYC 345A    Drugs and Behaviour-Basic Principles


New Westminster, BC

Douglas College (

Offers courses in gerontology as part of other programs, for example

-- Faculty of Health Sciences,

-- Home Support/ Resident Care Attendant Program

-- Community and Continuing Care

-- Advanced Diploma Courses in Psychiatric Nursing

Continuing Education at Douglas College ( also offers the following in Health Courses:

Certificate Programs and Courses


North Vancouver, BC

Capilano College ( )

Offers courses related to gerontology such as Home Support Attendant, Resident Care Attendant


Vancouver, BC

Simon Fraser University, Gerontology Research Centre

The Gerontology Program offers a:

Minor in Gerontology
Post-baccalaureate Diploma in Gerontology
Masters Degree in Gerontology

The following are among the many courses offered:

GERO 403-3 Counseling with Older Adults
Approaches counselling with older adults from a positive, life course development perspective. Examines person-centred, cognitive-behavioural and other models that work to foster change and growth.
GERO 400-4  Seminar in Applied Gerontology
Research with elderly persons in community and institutional settings; functional assessment; guardianship; long term care; special geriatric therapies; health promotion.
GERO 402-3         Drug Issues in Gerontology
Provides an overview of issues relating to drugs and the elderly for students without experience in Medicine or Pharmacy.
GERO 820-4          Principles and Practices of Health Promotion

The Gerontology Research Centre also conducts research on individual and population aging with a focus on five theme areas:

• Aging and the Built Environment
• Health Promotion/Population Health and Aging
• Changing Demography and Lifestyles
• Prevention of Victimization and Exploitation of Older Persons
• Older Adult Education

The main campus of Simon Fraser University also offers a variety of courses in this area through the Psychology Department, including

PSYC 357-3 Adulthood and Aging
PSYC 356-3 Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC 371-4 Intervention: Process and Outcome
PSYC 441-4 Selected Topics in Clinical Psychology


PSYC 383 Psychopharmacology
Looks at the research methods used in psychopharmacology and the biochemical and neuro-physiological bases of psychoactive drug action. Discusses the major classes of psychoactive drugs (depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, steroids, psychiatric drugs, nootropics, etc.) and their effects on consciousness and behaviour.

PSYC 387 Human Neuropsychology

Looks at function and dysfunction of the human central nervous system as it relates to higher order cognition and behaviour, looking at the anatomical, pathological, cognitive and behavioural aspects of major brain disorders in childhood and adulthood. Examines how the biological underpinning of brain disorders can affect memory, language, attention, perception and emotion.


Vancouver, BC

University of British Columbia

This new seven-month certificate program is designed especially for people who want to work or are working with older persons in the community.


The School of Nursing at UBC offers several Extension (Distance Education) Courses including

The Changing Face of Nursing Care for Older Adults. See:


Geropsychiatric Education Program (GPEP) of the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board

The Geropsychiatric Education Program (GPEP) website is currently undergoing revision.


Prince Gerorge, BC

University of Northern British Columbia ( offers some aging courses in Nursing, Psychology and Social Work. UNBC has several campuses throughout Northern BC, with different courses offered in different locales.

Nursing 430 Community Continuing Care

Nursing 314 Clinical: Mental Health/Elderly

Nursing 409 Pharmaco-therapeutics for Nurses

PSYC 620 - Health Psychology

PSYC 740 - Ethical/Legal Issues in Psychology

PSYC 750 - Health Communication

PSYC 409 - Advanced Health Psychology

PSYC 405 - Clinical Psychology

PSYC 345 - Lifespan Development

SOCW 441 - Social Work and Substance Abuse

SOCW 442 - Social Work with Victims of Abuse

SOCW 421 - Human Growth and Development

SOCW 444 SW: Critical Issues in Aging

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Community College (VCC) has a Certificate Program in Gerontological Nursing through its Continuing Education (

The Health Sciences program has several offerings in the area of aging, including:


Also through Continuing Education at VCC, the Human & Social Services area offers Counselling Skills & Substance Abuse Certificate Programs, which includes

Victoria, BC

University of Victoria

The University has many researchers and lecturers working in a variety of areas that relate to seniors, or to substance abuse. The University has recently established a new Addiction Research Centre. Their priorities for the current year do not include older adults.

Social Work offers:

Human and Social Development 462-- Perspectives on Substance Use

Human and Social Development 463- Approaches to Substance Use: Prevention & Treatment


Nursing ( Distance Education) offers:

Nursing 486

Mental Health Challenges in Later Life

Nursing 481C

Philosophy and Practice of Palliative Care

Nursing 493C

Lived Experience of Health in Aging

The Psychology Department has a graduate program in Lifespan Development. Clinical Psychology also has a "Life-Span Development Emphasis."




Brandon, MB

Brandon University ( offers courses related to aging in Psychology, Sociology and Health Sciences departments in 2003:

82:356 Psychology of Aging I  & 82:357 Psychology of Aging II

82:466 Behavioral Neuroscience I  & 82:467 Behavioral Neuroscience II

82:374 Counselling Psychology I & 82:375 Counselling Psychology II

82:470 Health Psychology I &

82:471 Health Psychology II


90:365 The Sociology of Aging

90:383 Community Development I  & 90:384 Community Development II

School of Health Sciences

69:455 Long Term Mental Health Care/Habilitation

69:451 Long Term, Rehabilitative and Palliative Care Nursing


They also currently offer:

Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (B.Sc.P.N.)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc.N.)

Post-Diploma Baccalaureate Program for Registered Nurses

Bachelor of Science in Mental Health (B.Sc.M.H.)

Post-Diploma Baccalaureate Program for Registered Psychiatric Nurses

First Nations & Aboriginal Counselling Degree Program


Saint-Boniface, MB

Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface (

<<Le Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface offre, en collaboration avec l'Université d'Ottawa, une variété de cours en Gérontologie et en Sciences Infirmières.>>

Janvier 2003

GRT 2500 - Problématique psycho-sociale en gérontologie

GRT 2510 - Problématique de la santé en gérontologie

GRT 3520 - Problématique de l'intervention en gérontologie


Sciences Infirmières:

<<Le programme de Maîtrise en sciences infirmières ainsi que le programme combiné Maîtrise en sciences infirmières et Certificat d'infirmière praticienne en soins de santé primaires de l'Université d'Ottawa sont offerts à distance à partir du Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface.>>


Winnipeg, MB

University of Manitoba offers an "Option in Aging" program with courses in various departments . See :

The University is also home to the Centre on Aging. "Although the Centre on Aging is not a teaching unit, the Centre historically has taken an active role in facilitating the development of gerontological programs at the University."


Winnipeg, Manitoba

University of Winnipeg (

Although Developmental Studies makes reference to "gerontology" on its site there do not seem to be any courses offered in that area.

There are some courses that may be of interest to people offered through the Marriage and Family Therapy (Academic & Clinical Courses). These do not have a specific aging component to them however,


7563/3 Group Theory and Therapy (Area II - Clinical Practice)

7575/3 Family Therapy Plans and Interventions (Area II - Clinical Practice)

7569/3 Health, Aging and Work of Adulthood (Area III - Individual and Family Development)

7575/3 Family Therapy Plans and Interventions (Area III - Individual and Family Development)

7572/3 Marriage and Family Therapy as a Profession (Area IV Professional Identity and Ethics)

The Sociology Department has offered a "Sociology of Aging" course in the past, but apparently it is not currently being offered. (

New Brunswick

Fredericton, NB (

St. Thomas University offers a Gerontology Certificate Program for Practitioners.

They also have Gerontology as a B.A, Major or Double major. Some of the most relevant courses to working with older adults  in this area include: Adult Development and Aging; Narrative Gerontology; Counselling Older Adults; 3673; Challenges to Adult Development and Aging; 3223. Late-Life Families;  Aging and Spirituality; 2643. Adult Psychopathology (PSYC 2643); Psychopathology Over the Lifespan; 4003. Mental Health and Aging; 3083. Gender and Aging.

Not all courses listed are offered each year.


University of New Brunswick (

University of New Brunswick, (Fredericton and Saint John, NB) has a certificate program in mental health nursing. It is designed for nurses who have had basic education in psychiatric/mental health nursing and have worked at least 1 year in the field.

The psychology department at Fredricton does not have anything specific to older adults at present, but does have researchers interested in depression/ anxiety disorders; gambling and internet adductions; and psychosocial stress  and intervention.

Moncton, NB

Université de Moncton (Français)

Certificat en Gérontologie n'est pas offert cette année.



Atlantic Baptist University, Moncton, NB is a Christian university. Currently does not carry anything specific to aging, but the Psychology department  offers courses in Theories of Counselling Psychology; Health Psychology; Psychology of Prejudice; Death and Grieving.





St. Johns, NF

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Currently, the Faculty of Science(Psychology) offers an undergraduate course on Drugs and Behaviour (Psychology 2800). The Department also offers "Developmental Changes During Old Age."

The new Director of Memorial's Schoool of Nursing, Dr. Sandra LeFort, is a nationally recognized expert in research in pain management, and  principal investigator on a Canadian Institutes of Health Research grant in the evaluation of chronic pain self-management as well as co-investigator in a number of large, related research projects.


Northwest Territories

Aurora College (

The only public postsecondary institution in the NWT — providing both college level credits as well adult basic education and learning through its three campuses. There are no aging courses offered at present. There are two access (distance education) nursing courses offered.


Nova Scotia

Halifax, NS

Dalhousie University (

Carries courses in "Social gerontology" and "Women and Aging" (through Sociology and social anthropology); as well as "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Gerontology" (through Health).

Distance Education carries courses on

Introduction to Perspectives on Family and Aging I
Introduction to Perspectives on Family and Aging II
Sociology of Aging
Sociology of Death and Dying
Special Topics in Death and Dying


Halifax, NS

Mount St. Vincent University (

Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS has a Family studies and Gerontology Program. They also offer a Certificate in Gerontology program, and a Masters degree program. The University is also home to the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging. (

Below are some of the courses offered at the University that touch on issues that may be useful in helping older adults with alcohol problems:


FSGN 2200

Humanistic Perspectives on Aging: An Overview

FSGN 2207

Physiological Aspects of Aging

FSGN 2208/ SOAN 2208

Cross-Cultural Study of Aging

FSGN 2219/ SOAN 2219

Sociology of Aging

FSGN 2220/ PSYC 2220

Psychology of Adulthood and Aging

FSGN 3327

Interpersonal Communication Skills

FSGN 3328

Communication Skills with the Elderly in Long-term Care

FSGN 3342

Advocacy: Structural and Personal Processes

FSGN 3346

Social Policy in Long-term Care

FSGN 4400

Ethical Issues in Family Studies and Gerontology

FSGN 3304

Mental Health in Later Life

FSGN 3305/WOMS 3305

Women and Aging

FSGN 3306

Retirement Processes and Programs

FSGN 3307/RELS 3307

Perspectives on Death and Dying

FSGN 3340

Aging with Lifelong Disabilities

FSGN 4408

Family in Later Life

FSGN 4431

Non-formal Education

FSGN 4447

Case Management with the Elderly

FSGN 4480

Special Topics in Family Studies and Gerontology

FSGN 4490

Directed Study or Research

FSGN 3327

Interpersonal Communication Skills

FSGN 3306

Retirement Processes and Programs

FSGN 2212

Perspectives on Parent-Child Relations Across the Life Course

FSGN 3314

Family Violence Across the Life Course


Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS. ( )The Psychology Department has a Longevity and Aging Course. The Sociology & Criminology Department offers Sociology of Health and Illness; the Family in Later Life; the Sociology of Alcohol Use (SOCI 430)

St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS ( offers courses related to gerontology in the nursing department. These include Healthy Aging; Community Mental Health Nursing; Introduction to Pharmacology; Challenges in Aging; and Palliative Care.

They also have a Distance Nursing Program with specific aging courses: Aging and the Older Adult; Challenges in Aging; and Palliative Care. They also have a Parish Nursing course.

University of Kings College, Halifax, NS is affiliated with Dalhousie University. Offers a Women and aging course through Dalhousie University.

Universite Ste. Anne, Church Point, NS. Nothing identified.

University College of Cape Breton, Sydney, NS ( has a program concentration in Psychology, Health and Environment, which the website describes in this way:

"The core of the program combines selected courses from psychology and environmental health technology. The flexibility for the choice of electives within the degree allows students to tailor their course selection toward their future goals, such as careers in health promotion, addictions counselling, health administration, or child/adolescent health....As Canada’s heath care system moves toward emphasis on preventing illness, it is necessary to understand the origins of essentially self-destructive behaviour and to take steps to promote healthy living within communities."


Truro, NS

Nova Scotia Community College ( ) offers a Diploma Program with a concentration in Gerontology — Recreation & Leisure. (  Note: "This program is undergoing renewal".

They also have an Addictions Counselling program at the Annapolis Valley Campus.






Interestingly, lists the following Alaskan colleges as offering courses to students in Nunavut, Canada

Graduate colleges and universities in Nunavut, Canada
  Alaska Pacific University

Counseling & Psychological Studies

PY 330 The Psychology of Substance Use and Dependency

PY 345 Dynamics of Counseling

PY 350 Psychotherapeutic Uses of the Wilderness


  Sheldon Jackson College Sitka Alaska, has a Human Sciences program This  is a broad area that includes working with:
  • Substance abuse counseling and treatment
  • Disabilities
  • Geriatrics
  • Mental health
  • Supported living services
  • Personal care services
  • Respite care services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Many other people
  University of Alaska: Anchorage

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program

Under the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies (CAAS) a minor in Addiction Studies was developed (


  University of Alaska Southeast: Juneau

Psychology Dept.

PSY 430. Clinical and Counseling Psychology

PSY S250 Lifespan Development

PSY S370 Drugs and Drug Dependence

PSY S375 Current Issues in Psychology: Selected Topics




Guelph, ON

University of Guelph, Gerontology Research Centre (

The University offers an eight semester major for Gerontology in the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program of the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Courses include among others: Adult Development and Aging; Couple and Family Relationships; Principles of Social Gerontology. This is a co-op study program to give students on the job experience.

There is also a Ph.D. Program in Family Relations and Human Development.

Hamilton, ON

McMaster University ( has an Undergraduate Gerontology Programme that "emphasizes scholarly and applied studies of issues ranging from the individual's experience of the aging process to the societal complexities related to the aging of the Canadian population." (

The University also has a Certificate Program in Case Management  ( through the Continuing Education department.

Clinical Behavioural Sciences Programme ( at McMasters also provides a Geriatric Mental Health course.The CBS Diploma and Selected Studies Programme is designed to provide allied health professionals in Hamilton and surrounding regions opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in clinical assessment and management.


McMaster's offers a Certificate Program in Addictions through the Continuing Education Department. (Addiction Studies Certificate (15 units) and Addiction Careworker Diploma (24 units)).

It also holds professional development workshops in addictions through Continuing Education. In 2004, workshops include: Concurrent Disorders; Professional Boundary Challenges for Addiction Workers; and Pharmacology for Addiction Counsellors.



Hamilton, ON

Mohawk College's Continuing Education, Health Sciences & Human Services offer courses related to gerontology in various departments . (

The diploma program is described on their website as "intended for individuals involved with the elderly through work or volunteer experience, offers formal studies in aging." "Applicants must be graduates of a diploma or certificate program in Health Sciences or Human Services (i.e., R.N., R.P.N., Health Care Aide, Recreation, Social Work etc.). Applicants without an approved certificate may apply if they have at least two years experience working with the elderly and a written recommendation from their employer."


Kingston, ON

Queen's University  ( offers courses related to gerontology in various departments.

Sociology 424/824  Current Issues in Social Gerontology

The Department of Psychiatry has a Division of Geriatric Psychiatry. (


Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

University of Waterloo has a Health Studies and Gerontology Program. (

The University also has the  Alzheimer's Research Exchange (


London, ON

University of Western Ontario  offers courses related to aging, such as kinesiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and sociology.

Other aging resources connected to the University:

Aging and Health Research Centre (

Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging: focuses on physical activity and aging. (

UWO Research and Development Park ( houses the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


North York, ON

York University offers courses related to gerontology in various departments.

Seneca College offers a Social Service Worker-Gerontology Diploma.

York University states: "York University (departments of Psychology and Sociology) and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology have a joint program where students interested in social service work with seniors can concurrently pursue both a BA or an Honours BA at York and a Social Service-Gerontology diploma at Seneca."

Ottawa, ON

Carleton University ( offers courses related to aging in the social work department.

SOWK 4204 - Social Work and Aging

SOWK 2003 - Drugs in Society: Theory, Policy and Practice


Ottawa, ON

University of Ottawa ( offers courses related to aging in various departments such as nursing, social sciences, etc. It has a post graduate research fellowship in gerontology.

Élisabeth Bruyère Research Institute (which includes the former Institute on the Health of the Elderly) has been recently established ( ). Part of the research being conducted at the Institute is CANDRIVE, looking at improving driver safety for older drivers.


Ottawa, ON

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology ( offers a Post-Diploma Program in Gerontology.

The Centre for Education and Life Long Learning (School of Health & Community Studies, offers Dementia Studies; Working with the Aged Program; and Gerontology (Multidiscipline).



St. Catherines, ON

Brock University ( offers courses in aging in the physical activity, psychology, sociology, and women's studies departments.

Psychology Department has a course in Drugs and Behaviour (PSYCH P392); and a Psychology of Aging course (PSYC P394), not currently offered. Community Health Sciences has a course on "Gerontology: Approaches to Aging Well".

Sociology offers a course "Aging and the Life Course" (SOCI 2P57). Other aging courses also currently offered at Brock include: Women and Aging (SOCI 3P58 & WISE 3P58).

"Emerging Perspectives on Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction" (CHSC 3V58) is being offered in 2003-4 in the Community Health Sciences department, which also offers CHSC 3P19 "Introduction to Pharmacology".


Sudbury, ON

Laurentian University/Huntington University College offers courses related to gerontology in various departments.

Huntington offers three- and four-year Bachelor of Arts programs in Gerontology, as well as a three-year B.A. in distance education. They also offer a Certificate program in Gerontology and a Diploma in Clinical Gerontology, in cooperation with four community colleges across Ontario. Both the B. A. and Certificate programs may be combined with specialization in another discipline.

The Social Work Department at Laurentian has a course on Violence Against Women and the Elderly. as well as a course on Substance Use and Addictions.


Thunder Bay, ON

Lakehead University

Lakehead University established the Northern Educational Centre for Aging and Health in 1991. They offer Interdisciplinary Programs in Gerontology. Programs presently offered include:

The Faculty of Sociology at Lakehead University participates in the Collaborative Graduate Programs offering Specialization in Gerontology.

Lakehead also has a Certificate in Dementia Studies.

Toronto, ON

Ryerson Polytechnic University ( offers courses related to aging in various departments. The Gerontology Degree Program and the Degree Completion Program at Ryerson University is being redesigned and will be admitting students in the Fall of 2005 (See:

Toronto, ON

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers a Ph.D. Program with subspecialties in aging. Also offers courses related to aging in various departments.

The Interdepartmental Division of Geriatrics of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto "is an extra departmental unit which is multi-disciplinary and multi-departmental and represents the Faculty's total effort in aging and geriatrics."

The Faculty of Social Work is planning a new specialty (Social Work in Gerontology) for students heading for their Master of Social Work degree. More updated information will be posted on their website ( in mid-January 2004.

University of Toronto has a Collaborative Program in Aging and the Life Course, involving 15 departments. (


The former Centre for Studies of Aging became the Institute for Human Development, Life Course and Aging in 1996. According the Institute's webpage: "The previous interests in adult life course and aging of the the former Centre are now supplemented by research on child development, the transition from education to employment, and mid-life transitions."

Woodsworth College has been offering a graduate diploma in Gerontology, but this program is being phased out as of 2001, and no new students being accepted to the program.


Addictions: University of Toronto has a Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies ( It is not a degree program.


Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, PE

University of Prince Edward Island ( The Psychology Department carries a course on Psychology of Aging, as well as an Introduction to Neuropsychology and Drugs and Behaviour.

The University is home to the PEI Centre for the Study of Health and Aging. (See:





Chicoutimi, QC

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi ( ) offers a Certificate Program in Gerontology — French Program only.


Hull, QC

Heritage College  ( (CEGEP) offers a course in gerontological nursing. English.

Lennoxville, QC

Bishop's University ( offers courses related to gerontology in various departments.

Montreal, QC

CEGEP de Bois-de-Boulogne ( offers courses in gerontology — French courses only.


Montreal, QC

Concordia University ( offers courses related to gerontology in various departments.  For example, PSYC 324 PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: PSYCHOTIC AND ORGANIC DISORDERS, PSYC 380 AGING.


Montréal, QC

Université de Montréal

Certificat de gérontologie:

<<Vous êtes un intervenant, un gestionnaire, un formateur ou un bénévole dans les domaines de la santé, des services sociaux et des organismes communautaires ? Vous travaillez déjà auprès d’une population vieillissante ou vous désirez œuvrer dans ce secteur? Le Certificat de gérontologie répondra à vos besoins de perfectionnement et vous permettra d’améliorer la qualité de vos interventions.>>

Certificat à distance


GER1016  Physiologie et vieillissement

PSY1995 Psychologie du vieillissement

GER2015 Alimentation et vieillissement
GER2017 Médicaments et vieillissement
GER2019 Activités physiques et vieillissement
GER2021 Santé mentale et vieillissement
GER2022 Le mourir (approche multidisciplinaire)
GER2037 Milieux de travail gérontologiques
GER3042 Planification de la retraite
GER3045 Problématique liée au vieillissement
GER3065 Atelier thématique en gérontologie
GER3065Z La relation d'aide en gérontologie
GER3090 Projets spéciaux en gérontologie



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Montréal, QC

McGill University (

The School of Social Work offers "Social Perspectives on Aging 1 & 2", but not on a regular basis. Also offers:

SWRK 482 Mental Heath and Illness
SWRK 434 Prac with Involuntary Clients
SWRK 438 Drug Addiction & Society

Note : None of these are specific to older adults, and do not necessarily have aging components in the course.

Language : English

Also offers : Certificate in Aboriginal Social Work Practice

The Psychology Department teaches Psych 528 Vulnerability to Depression (not offered 2002-2003).

School of Nursing has a course (Nur 1 -234) on "Nursing Elderly Families".


Montréal, QC

Université de Québec à Montréal

  • Maîtrise en intervention sociale 3704,

Programme facultaire


  • Programme court de deuxième cycle en gérontologie sociale 0402

École de travail social Faculté des sciences humaines


  • Certificat en gérontologie sociale 4402

Faculté des sciences humaines (URL : )



Québec, QC

Université de Québec


Rouyn-Noranda, QC

Université de Québec en Abitibi-Témiscaminque

Certificat en Gérontologie

Language: Français

GER1517 Déficits cognitifs chez les adultes vieillissants 
GER1500 Aspects psychologiques du vieillissement 
GER2516 L'abus à l'endroit des personnes âgées 
GER1518 Médicaments et adultes vieillissants 
COM2708 Communication, intervention et éthique 



 St.-Foy, QC

Université Laval offers courses in gerontology that lead to a minor — French Program only.


Sherbrooke, QC

Université de Sherbrooke


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Sherbrooke University started offering a Ph.D. Program in Gerontology in 2002.


Trois-Rivières, QC

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Certificat en gérontologie

Language: Français

CSL-1005 Intervention en psychogerontologie

PSA-1004 Psychopathologie du vieillissement

PSD-1023 Psychologie du vieillissement



Saskatoon, SK

University of Saskatchewan

Continuing Nursing Education at the University of Saskatchewan offers "Gerontology Education" ( The site explains:

"The Gerontology Program delivers educational programs to Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licenced Practical Nurses, as well as other allied health care workers in the province of Saskatchewan. Provincial conferences, regional workshops, and facility based inservices are designed to enhance the quality of care to the gerontological client. This is achieved through collaboration with nursing and other colleagues in the health care delivery system. This program offers a wide variety of learning events."



The U of S Psychology Department offers a couple of courses related to either aging or counselling ( They are:

- PSY 216.3 Psychology of Aging (the study of normal psychological development through maturity to old age) and

- PSY 257.3 Clinical and Counselling Psychology (review of the relevant topics in clinical and counselling psychology including psycho diagnostic testing, and the major approaches to therapeutic change)


Regina, SK

University of Regina ( offers a Certificate in Gerontology.

However it looks as if this program is inactive at present.

Seniors Education Centre: The Seniors' Education Centre, located at the University's Centre for Continuing Education College Avenue Campus, was established in 1977 as a partnership between the University of Regina and the Seniors' University Group Inc. [SUG] to provide lifelong learning opportunities for adults 55+ in a supportive environment.


Regina, SK

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology    

Gerontological Nursing/RN/RPN is an advanced certificate program. (

Some of their courses are:

NURS 235 Geriatric Assessment
NURS 237 Psychosocial and Sociocultural Factors in Aging
PHAR 268 Medications and the Elderly

The Institute offers Dementia Care which is an applied certificate program.

They also offer a Chemical Dependency Worker Certificate (, however nothing specific in the curriculum to older adults.



Whitehorse, YK

Yukon College

Human Support Worker/ Nursing Home Attendant (

"The objective of the HSW/NHA program is to provide opportunities for students to develop the basic knowledge and skills necessary to work with people of all ages who require support and personal care in the community or in a residential care setting. Core courses with other programs such as Early Childhood Development and Educational Assistant/Exceptionalities Worker increases options for students to further their education."


Other Gerontological Links

Please note that in many cases, the descriptions have been copied directly from the home pages of the respective references.

Alberta Association on Gerontology

The Alberta Association on Gerontology is a province-wide interdisciplinary organization that supports persons involved in and concerned with gerontology in their efforts to enhance the lives of the aging population.

100A-1509 Centre Street South,
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2E6
Phone: Toll free: 1-800-432-1845; or (403) 303-6082
Fax: Toll free: 1-877-747-0295; or (403) 233-0295

Click here to E-Mail AAG


Canadian Association on Gerontology

The Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) is a national, multidisciplinary association established to provide leadership in matter relating to the aging population in Canada. Through its many activities, CAG helps to foster research, education, and policy aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly in Canada.



Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association

The Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association (CGNA) is an organization that represents gerontological nurses and promotes gerontological nursing across Canada. The CGNA's mission is to address the health concerns of older Canadians and the nurses who participate with them in health care.



CLSC René-Cassin: Institut universitaire de gérontologie sociale du Québec


Centre d'expertise en gérontologie

<<Par l’entremise de ses praticiens et de ses experts conseil, le Centre d’expertise en gérontologie veut répondre aux besoins de perfectionnement et d’information des intervenants.>> (


Gerontological Society of America
Promotes the scientific study of aging. Also includes list of foundations supporting aging research and list of aging related associations.


Government Agencies
Health Canada's Aging and Seniors Web Site
Provides health and aging information of interest to seniors, researchers, and other Canadians. The site features information from government and non-governmental agencies, research and community projects, and the private sector, and includes online publications from the National Advisory Council on Aging.
US Department of Health & Human Services. Administration on Aging.
The site is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a wide variety of topics, American programs and services related to agingIt includes statistics and reports on abuse and neglect in later life, retirement, housing, nutrition, Alzheimers' disease and many other topics of concern to older adults.


Online Texts

Merck Manual of Geriatrics
The internet version of the textbook, Merck Manual of Geriatrics.



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