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Cold and Flus


October is Flu Prevention month, and a good time to promote awareness of the serious effects of influenza ("flus") and encourage people (especially seniors) to get a yearly flu shot. 

Influenza (and the pneumonia that can result from it) is a common cause of death among older adults. Older people who are smokers are often susceptible to secondary infections in the lungs following a cold or the flu.


If you would like a handout that briefly explains the difference between having a cold  and the flu, go to the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases website. It is in a PDF format:

Under Cold “Prevention”, the handout says “none”, that simply means  there may not be any effective vaccinations available at present for colds. However, there are lots of prudent things that people can do to lower their risk of getting cold, such as

* covering the mouth and nose for every cough and sneeze;

* boosting the immune system;

* having good nutrition;

* regularly getting good sleep;

* proper hand washing (without using anti-bacterial soap).


Additional information is available in the NIAID fact sheet on the common cold at:



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