Community Planning and Community Development Report


On September 27th and 28th, 2002, the Seeking Solutions project held a national meeting  on seniors and alcohol issues, bringing together 58 individuals and organizations from across Canada to discuss key issues related to availability of resources for older adults experiencing problems with alcohol problems.  The focus was on community planning and community development.

This was the  project's second national meeting related to seniors and alcohol.  The first held in Ottawa, February, 2001  was one of the first Canadian opportunities for people from diverse disciplines to discuss key issues and challenges for older adults in this area. Participants  provided an overview of development of resources in their community, and shared some of the opportunities and challenges in meeting older adults' needs. They identified key resources in education, addictions, health, and seniors' services that may provide natural links to helping older adults.

The Ottawa meeting lead to the development of the OPAAL listserve, as well as the development of this website and  the ongoing development of the Best Practices series.

The information from the two two national meetings is being synthesized into a publication on Community Planning and Development on Seniors Alcohol Issues in Canada.  It will be available in the Summer, 2004.


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