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By Charmaine Spencer
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This website is dedicated to alcohol issues that affect seniors. The site is being developed in stages, so please come back often to find new information and resources. 

Under the section on Alcohol and Health, you will be able to find introductory information on the connections between alcohol and 

cancer, caregiving, diabetes

falls, elder abuse, herbal drugs

medication interactionsmemory, mobility

sleep stomach problems, and vision loss.

New January 7

Seniors Speak Out......About Loneliness


December 31st

A. Study on Alcohol Policies in Care Facilities

B. Guiding Principles For Service Providers Helping Seniors  Who Have Alcohol Problems


December 15th

"Three Simple Questions"

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health searches a reliable way to ask seniors about their alcohol use. They are looking for Ontario services working with seniors to participate in this new research.  Here's more about it and how you can get involved.

More Ontario Seniors Treatment Resources Listed  


Coming January 9th

7 Common Community Misconceptions About Seniors and Alcohol

Seniors' Support Groups

Seniors Speak Out...About Stigma



Other recent additions: 

Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues: The Case of Private Alcohol Delivery to Mentally Impaired Seniors

Alcohol and dementia

Identifying alcohol problems among seniors.


A Cross Canada Look at Helping Older Adults Who Are Experiencing Alcohol Problems  (Powerpoint) (1.27 MB) 

Shorter text version coming soon.


Table of Contents


Alcohol and Seniors

  1. Introduction: Understanding a Generation's Attitudes
  2. Did You Know?
  3. What's "Typical Drinking" for Seniors?
  4. Misuse and Abuse
  5. What Causes the Problem?
  6. What's the Worry?
  7. Alcohol and Seniors' Health

Help for Alcohol Problems

  1. Guiding Principles
  2. How to Identify an Alcohol Problem
  3. Types of Help
  4. What Seems to Work Best?

Help for Special Groups of Seniors

  1. What About Older Women and Alcohol?
  2. Ethical Issues and Alcohol Use in Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes)
  3. Other Matters


  1. Moderation
  2. Harm Reduction
  3. Alcohol and Culture
Resources and Links

Canadian Community Services for Seniors Experiencing Alcohol Problems

Canadian Educational Materials

French Language Resources


Seeking Solutions (click to find out more)

Seeking Solutions is a national initiative funded under the National Population Health Fund and created to "develop mechanisms to increase the availability, access and dissemination of information and resources to seniors and people working with seniors on issues related to alcohol." 

Look here for information on Best Practices and effective Community Development strategies to prevent and address alcohol problems among seniors.

This will connect you to OPAAL (“Older People and Alcohol List) - a good way for people to share information about programs across Canada. 

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