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Going to the Robo-Dogs

"Researchers are placing robotic dog in the homes of isolated senior citizens to determine whether the mechanical substitutes like live animal pets can improve the quality of life for humans. Alan Beck, Director of the Centre for Human- Animal Bond in Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and Nancy Edwards, professor of nursing are leading the animal- assisted study that will evaluate the impact of robotic dogs on seniors' physical activity, life satisfaction and morale."

Vancouver Sun, December 28th, 2002


Perhaps the following news article should be under the category "Understanding What It Was Like When They Were Growing Up."


Excerpt from Canadian Press article reported in Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, October 8, 2002

"Woman of 81 denied an apology for jail ordeal".

The Ontario government acknowledged dark periods in the province's past Monday but refused to apologize to an elderly woman who was jailed more than 60 years ago for living with her Chinese boyfriend. ... On a spring day in 1939, Demerson was eating breakfast in her pjamas with Harry Yip, the man she planned to marry, when two policemen showed up at the door. They were accompanied by her father.

 "They took me in this car, two policemen, down to the courthouse and put me in a cell there," she recalled...A social worker came to see me and took me into a room and asked me how many men I'd slept with."

 Demerson, who was pregnant, was ultimately imprisoned for about 10 months under the Female Refuges Act of 1897. Hundreds of women were jailed under the act, which stated that "any parent or guardian may bring before a judge any female under the age of 21 years who proves unmanageable or incorrigible" Until it was repealed in 1964, the law allowed women from age 16 to 35 to be jailed for behaviour like public drunkenness, promiscuity, and pregnancy out of wedlock."

Demerson gave birth during her prison term and later had the baby taken away from her.






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