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Tips of the Trade

“Tips of the Trade” is a series of information sheets specifically for apartment managers and caretakers, boards of directors, and apartment owners to help them better understand and respond to situations that can sometimes occur when they have older tenants.

It was created by B.C. Coalition to Eliminate Abuse of Seniors and uses local. information,  but can be adapted to other communities.

With Tips of the Trade, managers can find practical answers to common questions such as:

-       Do people’s memories go down hill as they grow older? How do I tactfully handle these situations?

-       How do I help tenants avoid scams or abuse from family members?

-       How do I handle situations where an older tenant’s health is getting worse?

-       What are my responsibilities to older tenants’ safety and security as they grow older? In case of emergencies?

-       How can I reduce the number of evictions I give?

-       What resources are there in my community to help older adults live independently as long as possible?

-       Why does this tenant act the way he or she does?

-       How can I handle “problem tenants” better?

-       How can we create a living environment that is senior friendly? Friendly to people of all ages?

-       What are some of the ways of covering the costs of any needed building or suite modifications to meet the needs of older tenants?

Click here for PDF versions of Tips of the Trade (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


Understanding Tenants Who Have Vision Loss

Tenants with Hearing Impairments

Elder Abuse 1  (Recognizing the Problem)

Elder Abuse 2 (Dealing with it in Your Building)

Elder Abuse 3  (Legal responsibilities in British Columbia, but has good general information too)

Memory Problems

The Incurable Collector (Hoarding)

Alcohol Tips (generic version, can fill in your community resource)

Death and Dying


Tips of the Trade reprinted on this website with permission of BCCEAS.  To contact BCCEAS:

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